Life is Sweet But
Our pastries are sweeter!

A Few Words About Us

Elisa Pastry is one of the Austin’s most premier bakeries known for the finest quality American, European and Middle-Eastern pastries in the heart of Texas. At Elisa Pastry location you will enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, while you are deciding on the cake and pastry of your choice for your special occasion. Our experienced consultant is here to help you decide on the pastry selection for your next party by offering pastry tasting and design.


About Ellie


I find baking, spending time around my pastry shop, making cakes, and fresh pastries for my clients to be not only an absolutely satisfying experience, but also a wonderful stress-buster. A relaxed time in the shop with a soft music in the background when I have already decided in advance what to bake and have all the ingredients for it, is simply wonderful. If it is a new recipe that I am trying, then it’s even better.

I find the excitement of baking something new and truly a fun-filled experience. Every day I am working towards a new recipe and yes, enjoying it at every stage. Looking forward to how my creation would look when I am done is definitely a wonderful feeling for me. I always loved to bake and entertain. A deadly combination, I guess. But the pleasure of having great clients and baking delicious pastries and cakes for them is a truly wonderful feeling.

Ordered a strawberry cake last minute and it turned absolutely gorgeous and delicious! I loved the attention to details. Loved the cookies as well. Ever since than we’ve been there 3 times and have loved it every time. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, while also being clean. The service is friendly and fast. We’ve found out permanent cake and dessert shop in Austin and will definitely be back. 😃👍
- Shamika Smith​